Is God A Wimp?

Is God a Wimp?  This is a serious question that makes some people cringe at the thought of even posing such an idea as this.  But when you look at it, the God of the Bible and Koran seems to need props or incidents to make himself look good.  Instead of preventing an event that would have created a catastrophe, God allows it to happen only to come along and clean up the mess so people can acknowledge his greatness.  This 84 page book dissects the God concept like never before.  Learn how people like the Pope, the Grand Sheikh, and Great Rabbis decide who is evil and who is good creating a God who is supposed to be good and a devil who is supposed to be bad.  Expand your knowledge of the scriptures as Dr. Malachi York breaks down the facts and answers the question, “Is God A Wimp?”  Get your copy right NOW.