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Have you searched the internet trying to find books by Dr. Malachi York and have run into problems?  There are people out there selling photocopied books, pdf e-books of poorly copied and scanned books, books priced as much as 10 to 20 times their original price, etc.  This is a major problem on the internet.  But we have a solution for you!!

Greetings, I am Huntwy Sanan Atum-Rayay.  I've been student of Dr. Malachi York for almost 20 years.  In that time, I've gained a huge amount of knowledge about the Science of Nuwaupu, which Dr. York teaches. As a Nuwaupian, it is my goal to see that this doctrine is spread far and wide.  And as a registered United Nuwaupians Worldwide distributor of the books authored by Dr. Malachi York (also known as Dr. Malachi Z York and Dr. Malachi Kobina York), I am making these books available to you.

Here at Malachi York Books, we offer 100% authentic books authored by Dr. Malachi York set at the suggested retail price or cheaper!  These books come directly from the office of the United Nuwaupians Worldwide.  There are no photocopied reprints or e-books.  We only offer books and products that are distributed by the United Nuwaupians Worldwide.

Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about Nuwaupu and the various books available here, or signup to learn how you can receive a FREE BOOK as well as receive a FREE Newsletter, SECRETS of the New World Order Revealed!  That's right!  We are making it possible for you to receive a FREE BOOK and FREE Newsletter just by filling in the boxes below.

Here, you will also be able to:

     Get the latest Actual Facts, Paa Madataat, the Out-formation Paa Munzal Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah (Djedtwy) aka H.E. Dr. Malachi Kobina York came to give us in the 1960's revealed to us in these days and times...

     Get the latest Paa Taraq, The Revelation of the Nuwaupians, a NEW Scripture revealed in this day and time ...

     Get the Supreme Mathematics, classic books like Man from Planet Rizq, The Science of the Pyramids, The Science of Creation, Conflict Between the Gods, Mission Earth and the Extraterrestrial Involvement, and more...

     Get the Christ Series, more classics like St. Paul, Disciple or Deceiver?, Could Jesus Transform Himself?, Who Was Jesus' Father?, What is Speaking in Tongues and much more...

     Get the "God" Series, even more classics like Is God a Wimp?, God Misintepreted, What is God's Language?, Does God Need Love?, Does Religion Breed Ignorance?, and much more...

     Get books on The New World Order like The "Millenium" Book! Part 1 and 2, Leviathan 666, Luciferian Conspiracy and much more...

    Also get DVDs, CD's, Posters, T-Shirts, and other products available from the United Nuwaupians Worldwide home office.


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Malachi York Books!

I received my Scrolls on yesterday "THANK YOU" so very much 4 your consideration, kindness,  and the gifts were deeply appreciated.  They came just in time 4 my 2 weeks Vacation YES!!!    I am reading & enjoying the Scrolls that I ordered,  and I am going to continue to order more scrolls as my conscious is raised.  Dr. Malachi York Is a MASTER MIND in the REALNESS!!!!  I am eating the whole scroll and enjoying the facts and information that has been revealed to me.   I already have my list for next month.  You will receive it soon.  Keep Up the GOOD WORK my Brothers & Sisters.  Helping our people to SEE .....is Truly a WORK!!!!

Dr. Patra Ankh-El (Robbins)

Raahub, thanks for giving me this opportunity to expand on my intellect-outellect, it has only being today i have the space to click on the permission link.



It gives me great pleasure to be in communication with you as well as reading the information in which you are sharing. I too have been a student of the Man of the Hour; namely, Dr. Malachi Z. York for a long time. I greatly appreciate the information in which you are sharing and I just pass it onto others who may not have the scrolls.


Charles Green 

Thank you Huni Sen Atum-RE, very enlightening.

Sandra Kay

Thank you for sharing this information. For many years, I've had major concerns about some of the very issues you mentioned in your emails and what Dr. Malachi York has pointed out. What's most important is for me to be able to connect all of the dots and get the facts and the truth...and it looks you (and ultimately Dr. Malachi York) will provide me with that.  My soul is all I really have. So I got to get it right. I look forward to ordering and reading the books so I can get right knowledge and "overstand" all of the bull-crap that has dominated my life for years!

Thanks again,


LO! As-Salamu `Alaykum I have received the books and I am in deep gratitude. 
All praises are due to the Most High.

King Martin

Raahubaat, I received my scroll today along with an extra scroll.  Thank you so much for both of them.


aka Atyeb Ba Atum Re

I have two parts of Leviathan 666! Greatest knowledge put out here! Freedom to our Master Teacher!


Raahubaat, yasar! Tawuhaat li jull shayu antuk atha baamul, sena...wadu!

(Greetings, family!  Thanks for everything you are doing, brother...farewell!)


Again, I am pleased to say many thanks for the daily revelations you are sending me.  I am enjoying everyone of them.  However, you are doing a wonderful job, keep it up.  Nevertheless, I will be ordering some scrolls in the next 2 weeks time because i am eager to read all of the books you have mentioned.  In fact, all of the scrolls that were written by our Supreme Grand Master.  Once again thank you.


Thank you so much brother for the right knowledge that I seek.


Raahubaat brother, please continue to build with me on the words & knowledge of the Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi Kobina York.


Right knowledge, Right wisdom, and Right Overstanding.  I'm trying to stay in tune and that's exactly what I'm doing.  Thank you for building with me about this New World Order because it's a major enlightenment.  Keep it coming.  Peace

YahYah Vinson 

Tawuhaat, fam!

Tom Hunter aka Huni Khufu RE

Peace and blessings

I would like to share I most benevolent sentiments for the spiritual master whom I've been a student since 18 yrs and still studying our mission is definitely being fulfilled with our divine purpose knowing who and what we are and where we need to be within our higher subconsciousness of the spiritual world. Keep up our mission and other sisters and brothers will find theirs Peace 
Bill Cotman AKA Ra Metabmorphysis

I am a true follower of Dr. York.  Reading his scrolls have changed the way I view life.  The truth has set me free.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks

Collin Linton

Greetings in regards to Malachi Z York, let me reveal my own fact which has happened to me in year 2007, January 20. A violent incident happened to me which led me to the hospital.  In fact I was unconscious for 4 months. Then regained conscious, lost thought pattern of self, -- in a wheel chair his book was re given to me.  3 months I relearned to stand and walk again.  I had to walk the steps again.  Then I really overstood he came for us: 1 The Breath, 2 Wazufa, and 3 The Mind.

Yaya Sesay

Hotep Huni Sen Atum-RE,
I must say you are doing a wonderful job.  However, Dr. Malachi has made a great impression in my life.  Reading & studying his books has made me a better person.  My life is changed for the better.  I am now a career person with aims & objectives.  Before following the Master Teacher, I was an aimless laborer with low self-esteem.

Norvan Amsterdam

Knowledge of Malachi Z York has proven to be deep and resourceful.

Lemuel Borden

Thank you very much for the information.  Eager for more from Grenada.


Raahubaat bruhtha Huni Sen Atum-RE, I'm thankful to be able to open my EyE & Overstand truth & facts bruhtha.... Please continue to build with me & I will be ordering books very soon... 


Food for the soul!

Ronald Keith

Greetings brother!
''Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find.When they find,they will be disturbed.When they are disturbed,they will marvel,and will reign over all'' [logion 2] taken from the gospel of Thomas
I have so much to say that i don't even know where to start.How much darkness is the world in? I was taught that i must pray to a heavenly Father who's in heaven, but so far with what I've seen from the brief of the books i can say i was taught wrong, I can say 100% of the stuff that's in the mainstream Bible has got errors and it's not even funny.  Which just reminds me of a song by the legend Bob Marley... ''Preacher man tells me great God is in the sky,but we know and we overstand,a Mighty God is a living man''...  I was taught by Europeans what can I say.  I'm just glad we are living in an information age, light shall overcome darkness.  I'm ordering the books and can't wait.
Best wishes
from South Africa

Tawuh Antuk,

I Am Grateful For the Order  I will be ordering more in days to come..

Ra Hotep

Its has been such a universal awakening, a mental relief and an inspiration when I was first introduced to Right Knowledge and Dr. Malachi York back 1979. I have followed his teachings ever since and with different schools of thought(Thoth). Each and every day I pray that the brother from another planet would be release soon. Even my mother was leaving her Christian beliefs before she passed away of being encourage by Dr. York's teachings. May the Enlighten Beings protect him at all times and bring him home. I would be refresh to be back in his world and his company. "Once you go Malachi, you never tell a lie". May peace and blessings be with all my brothers and sisters of the true light. Thanks for allowing my inner thoughts to be reveal in its right course of actions and commitment. Be Well!!!!

Dearrick De Saussure

Raahubaat to all my Nuwaupian family. I am very thankful for this website. I always get my orders with no problem. Everyone is doing an excellent job at getting The Master Teachers works out to the people. I thank my Nuwaupian family for staying dedicated and committed to what we are called to do. Much A'shuq to you all. Tawuhaat Nuwaupian Yasar.

Dante Burnette

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             All the best

          Huntwy Sanan Atum-Rayay

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